°Ƹ̴j̴Ʒrada ray..tema ibrogima..°Ƹ̴j̴Ʒ – love Territory

Song Lyrics

Cover me the wings of love
And quietly hither in a fairy tale
There, where the days are coming in dreams
And all year round, not waiting for spring

Where garden blooms of wild roses,
Where there is no suffering and tears
Where ever he goes barefoot,
And the sky blue flower

You Bring, where passion is blind
And the flesh, trembling, burning to ashes
Where are the tears of the past years, silly,
Drain the morning dawn

You call me, where life is intoxicating,
Where beauty will captivate fire,
There, where the dream is not a dream
And fear - everyday bustle

You take me with you,
Where night kiss with the moon,
Where day more years
And death - not the point of misery!

Embracing the shoulders, take
On the territory of love,
To where happiness again and again,
There, where love reigns! ..
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