12 – Naruto opening 2 season 16

Author: 12
Name: Naruto opening 2 season 16

Song Lyrics

Translation into Russian - Namiko

KANA BOON - Silhouette - Naruto Shippuden - OP 16 - rus - TV

Again below,
Considering the target every step, we go with you,
Nothing, nothing again, do not know.
Beyond that
We do not see, looking back, the past sometimes.
Never mind, do not understand anything.

We stuffy,
We stuffy,
We stuffy so
The heat pounding in his temples,
We need to take a step.

In memory of his digging
We do not find a lot of things.
You and I, you and I only silhouettes.
And stubbornly pretend
Heart no longer holds,
But through the laughter,
Sadness about it.

All that stands in the heart of the store,
We will live our lives,
And then
Through the years
The image is bright.

Again, circling,
dancing waltz
Around foliage ...
But my fate in all the right ...
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