2013-11-09 vrEmE muzikE rb2 – German group for early music Estampa

Author: 2013-11-09 vrEmE muzikE rb2
Name: German group for early music Estampa

Song Lyrics

"The whole experience of this music to the fullest extent originates from a compound extremely well-informed experts and great freedom that gave themselves. This is a refreshing different from anything we are accustomed to hear from the early music scene."

With these words, the music critic of Gramophone magazine racenziju finished his album "Signum" German group for early music Estampa. This ensemble in the mid-eighties wavered musical public with their unusual approach to the interpretation of medieval music. They held concerts, theatrical performances, recorded albums for 20 years, and then suddenly fell silent. In February this year, their return to the public, after six years of silence, not only pleased fans of medieval music, but also the gothic period.

In today's era of music, including 25 years of this unusual composition, try to answer the question - what is it in their music that attracts so many diverse audiences.

Author emissions Ivana Komadina
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