21312 – mystic 21323

Author: 21312
Name: mystic 21323

Song Lyrics

Hello! Are you ready to change your outlook?
Are you ready to kill a beast of its evil?
Here's a card or letspley new passage,
Come press the play button when you are ready!
Keep Laguerre to dynamite, you'd better not see
How to explode hundreds of units TNT-warrior!
Even Creeper never dreamed of such a hole here,
Lugger looked up and said- "No Th, get used to it!"
Who said that this card does not passable?
Mystic Laguerre and it will help the celestial force
And if suddenly it is not a ride, TNT always help,
Minus schemes, minus the blocks from the ceiling dripped rain.
Mystic dyreni got out and said, "What the fuck ?!"
Lugger looked around and decided to climb up on the wall,
Mystic keen eye, Laguerre saw immediately,
He struck once and knocked the infection!
Laughter blew across the square world
It is heard even zombies collecting raspberries.
Here is another poser, zombie leaning against us at the party,
But we did not panic, taking the sword laid them on the shoulder!
In such unusual and fun, we together,
So that puts us Like, no? And if we find?
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