2. defo & VreDnIy PsIx – not worth

Author: 2. defo & VreDnIy PsIx
Name: not worth

Song Lyrics

Big city lights shining on this night,
I was looking for you the way, forgetting about our past,
From your tantrums and dramas, I am going crazy,
He left a large scar in the heart.
But how nice it was to remember
How to tell me that you love me only.

Far away in the distance of thought embrace
Not stopping, bathed in the blood of the heart,
Feeling the pain of loneliness
Not listening to the fortune-teller prophecy
They continued to live in the same,
After all our efforts to love or hate
We are hardened and all were striving ruined,
Our characters have won
Now we let go of each other!
And we do not need anything,
After all we are forgotten our promise that go through all the torments
Keep crying and screaming from boredom.

Do not never remember what it was.
We need only remember how the lesson is for all.
Now do not think that we disgusted
We broke up, went out the flame in their hearts.

Big city lights went out in the second,
It was fucking so cold. Time passed in a minute.
I was lonely without you did not want to stay,
I am sad why we started to fuck?

And you do not hear me with those radio stations,
The wheelbarrow majeure at its full-kerf.
And we loved, it is not necessary to pour tears,
I shoutout to your friend, crybaby.

And you had and have the same fake.
Presents need to sell you ready,
We were always different, I was snotty,
And this moment is life after the chewed.

And we passed it to the end,
I still realized through the sea of ​​sorrow and suffering,
Who you really are, what is hidden under the face,
He could not, but I wanted to get rid of the memories.
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