[506] MaTaNGa – How she makes me?

Author: [506] MaTaNGa
Name: How she makes me?

Song Lyrics

Have you fall asleep and you look at the clock
And can I take drunken cops
Reading the comments, putting the sad status
I'm somewhere in the hut raise my degree
Not for the first hour instead of beeps voice
Perhaps he did not hear because of the music in a taxi
And let's call you, and I will include silent
You must understand my dear, I'm not the best
You listen to my songs, what I write
Perhaps you guess why not in a hurry
Hiking is not mine, be kept together
And hardly justify your expectation
Ae ag music and alcohol
I begin to write, I turn to booze
And you do not wait for me, with tears in window
I shook today as well as yesterday,

And I do not know how it makes me
After all, I will wear home is podruku
And I do not know Che she did not give up
While the cops are not overwhelmed me during the interrogation
And I do not know how it makes me
I'll come back in the morning without 15 8
And I do not know Che she did not give up
It is said that under the Matanga Vitya Aka mows

Cold whiskey with cola, order rolls
I wash down counterfeit vodka brine
And the kid for fun reading their new track
You drive on repite basta Basanova
Cocks at heart from the fact that there is no Porsche
Do you like restaurants, I-communal reception
Yes lamp switch off, I'll be no longer
I do not understand why I need you so
Probably sopyus or overwhelm drunk
My dowry-liver, killed years
Add selected cops, sold 10-ka
The problem of the gums and teeth from cigarettes and sweet
After xXx IGRIK and at the end, and a brief
Nothing sensible not write in a notebook I
Let's play hide and seek
The text is almost appended
After all, I got drunk again and find my kitty


Voice hoarse confess that it is not necessary
And I doubt I ever will be narrowed her husband
And tighten the belt more tightly beer belly
While you watch the transfer of Olga Buzova
Let's forget the fact that once we were together
Finally, put the point in the song
And I'm going zabuhal, take a bottle of vodka
And you erase from our collective laptop pictures
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