5. VreDnIy PsIx & defo – We are alone

Author: 5. VreDnIy PsIx & defo
Name: We are alone

Song Lyrics

I fucking had sent the whole world ... I turned away from you ...
I stayed again one ... And where those alleged friends?
And where is the bitch who swore that she had not let go?
I cut all of them out of life ...

And you know, has never been present before you,
I keep a hold to the last and no one opened.
In fact, the heart aches,
I am in each track you goodbye forever.

But I stayed forever from me you do not get rid of,
I'm sure you recognize yourself in these words.
I know everyone because something still did not like it,
And I will remain as deeply at the bottom lie.

I recently looking for the very entrance into the real world,
And you must understand, I want to go back, tired to live.
I'm tired of the gossip each that were behind,
Maybe life will smear me, but I will look it in the face.

I was coming back here every time like the first,
I spoiled my rap, merging into the demos network.
But first you heard it, the first and only,
My one fan to delve into the meaning.

Tears poured down her cheeks
All flaws wake
We are alone in this war
The world is becoming more difficult
We are alone in this difficult war.

And I prayed and tried to save the whole story,
But how we can squander our world because of one soul,
Soon I realized not trust anyone,
Hope for himself
And you ask why, why?
Hmm, can you ask for than that?
Maybe once I helped calm
In response to my request was sent far away,
Where are the friends that my brother's brother? Perhaps..

Forget all the gossip and pizdesh,
Because the person who broke into the blood.
Well, how could I forget about you,
Whorish nature is looking for a new cowboy for himself,
May God on the radio in the car you will hear me,
Tears poured down her cheeks, and wake up all the flaws,
Pray, and ask the angels touch you!
And I close my eyes and try to go back!
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