8 "a" s novim godom :) – 155 wkola)

Author: 8 "a" s novim godom :)
Name: 155 wkola)

Song Lyrics

Happy new year dear friends.
We wish you a good success.
We want you to be always
Happy as ever
And the teacher,
We would like to say something to you.
You do not torment yourself in vain.
No topic to understand us

Elmira Tilabekovna,
You have such a one.
Chemistry we do not understand,
We will bring you again and again.
The flask, I cooked compote,
Of the thirteen acids.
Quickly pour into the toilet,
That is not our school

Physicist you our dear,
Whether you like it or not, we will be with you.
you do not see the corner of his eye,
This scares us you!
Gulmira Mutalimovna,
You are beautiful as always.
Sine must be found.
O Lord, you have to get the math side

Ale K.,
You heavy artillery for us.
How did you bear with us,
But we will not be able to without you.
Favorite teachers.
It's just a joke.
Happy New Year.
You are the best for us!
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