agata kristi, bi 2, Lumen, Stigmata, Amatory, Metallica, Slipknot – And we are not angels

Song Lyrics

You opened the night
All that could allow
Masks tore off
Soul kept in captivity.
Let the blood on his cheek
You piled on lipstick.
Hell barrier of words.
words of the angel, it is not necessary.

And we are not angels, man!
No, we are not angels.
Dark creatures and torn strips us.
If we are asked
What do we want to?
We would have soared
We would have soared ...
We are not angels guy!
No, we are not angels.
There's a fire
We have lost the ranks.
Nope such
Neither love nor trust.
People look
the presence of feathers.
We are not angels guy!

Hundreds of other people's roofs
What are you looking for out there man?
You sleep so long ago ..
Too long time for the creature.
Maybe it's time down?
Where you breathe body.
Throw a blank sheet.
The creatures do not go to white.

Again, under the dome.
Just squeaking and crying
If only up dolls ...
Look, how else?
Finely, the carcasses,
The sky does not have to be expensive.
It is painful and silly,
But the creature can not fly!
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