akril – I will not live this life without you

Author: akril
Name: I will not live this life without you

Song Lyrics

Fire your eyes up to me,
Happened as you wanted,
All that was not forgotten me,
But at heart I remain yours.
Already gone the other world where we were together,
And heart is torn to you again and again.
I know you have not forgotten
As in my arms you're drowning.

I will not live without you this life,
You believe again in my feelings
It will take years and we remember everything
And all roads are snow zamete,
Not live without you I life ..

The crowd waves of our feelings,
Maybe it happened because you wanted
Do not you know it,
Do whatever your image in my mind.
I want to penetrate your dreams
Although there is no novelty for me,
Believe not want to harm you,
I remember once in the light of day.
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