Alaska – Mutiny on the ship aka Song of Ice Hockey

Author: Alaska
Name: Mutiny on the ship aka Song of Ice Hockey

Song Lyrics

Hockey match nobody play prervan-
What's the matter, why is it so
Here everything is simple, there is no correct number of players
And where are they now removed the penalty box
The site, littered with gloves
Players have forgotten about the puck, takes place battle
Avangard Omsk and Vityaz Moscow Region team, this is the meat
Nearby lie helmets
Drunken spectators slaughter frenzy as they fight
Judges consider penalties, beaten all records
600 minutes, as, well, itself estimates nifiga
No, it's true, that's what happened
What our legendary hockey had become
What a farce, the harmless spectator puck in the eye
That 2 team beat 4 minutes of each other in the attic
Watts ACF, eliminate personal problems on the court you did not ask for
What was needed riot if everything was resolved in peace ...

We do not need a football critics shout
Squeal with delight viewers
And people should be served bread and circuses
And so it came to Alaska Battle
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