Aliev Aleksandr aka HammAli – ♥ My favorite mistake

Author: Aliev Aleksandr aka HammAli
Name: ♥ My favorite mistake

Song Lyrics

Your life flashed in black pen paper
I'm here without you having fun is no longer boring,
For heart does not beat on the online inscription,
Alcohol piles, I surpassed the border,
When asked me to leave my heart closed,
When everything inside is cracked - he promised to forget you,
And I will not be sinful, tear themselves to shreds,
And without hope remain, and you can not help me,
So painted with the soul, but not the exact text,
I put spaces between the moon and the night,
And do not get to leave the bright lights in the sky, I caused this accident and turned everything into ashes ...
When moments vspominal-
dagger, pain in the soul,
Do not help others, we are all ruined,
We remove each other here, but leave in the memory,
Forget your phone number itself forced,
I did not strike fast footage for a better life,
Without stopping the senses, do not keep those thoughts,
My favorite first error in this list,
Repeat - forgot tightly clenched teeth ...

Even without submission, you see the other,
I am a man without emotion, forgot about the resentment,
About jealousy remembered not feel anxiety,
He is shouting loud phrases, then prayed to God,
He asked him to help me, drowning in flattery,
I am leaving out of you, I was there for a long time is not a local,
But I'll leave my things that will remind you,
What was just next day, we had two,
From mood swings, hot wax sewn,
In the absence of loved ones, prayer helped me,
Alone in the room, the silence, with me paper and pen,
But I do not even think that I can wake up,
Although the nerves to the limit, in fact, killed,
I hated you, only a fortnight,
In you everything has changed, you are faithful exchanged,
We have our love story turned into a drama ...

Three years have passed, maybe even four,
I'm still sitting alone in an empty apartment,
And do not believe in love, but only the frames of the film,
Could you recall, as my favorite,
Only the lines of the book soften my pain,
Along the wall of windows in a hurry to run home,
To suddenly not remember the happy moments,
Gone with the Wind, love, misery meters,
Even the hot summer, when there are all attempts,
Internally, the cold, I like the power break
Dream about your feelings, a word about our eternal,
Our eyes are bright, in a stream of sadness, counter,
No matter the scenario of events,
I still do not understand how you could love ...
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