Allfanny – Blind in the eyes (Sasha Slay prod.)

Author: Allfanny
Name: Blind in the eyes (Sasha Slay prod.)

Song Lyrics

We need not just words
We need not just words

The city stretches haze pumped his mother
People so that instinct urges to sleep and everything
Here, the real party, brother, All indahaus, wow
And every self-respecting, understand that this roll, yes

Well, you think he has already come spring
Imagine that, drowning, drowning change pole
We fly up in the morning, and not when I do not sleep when sleep has not other aaa?

There was a couple of months and I see month net
Everything is pure pure pure
Will fly all of these summer
So very quickly, and we should still have time until the shot has speed ...

This hot sun, sozhgёt me to the ground,
Transparent rain, it carries away into the darkness
But none of you will not let me be sad
Mouzon on it and let's party ...

We need not just words
We need not just words

The twenty-first century in the yard, everyone has their own pens
Affairs do not speak about at least a two-day vacation ..
Tired of work, no, I'm tired of life-not, tired of da vodka, yes, yes ...

Sun blind eye, everyone understands that there is no way back
Yet there are rare attempts to forget in Austral
Catch up on that, caught.
You Th sharp - aha

Forget even for a day, asking you to their problems
Just relax, rest, shove in deeper hemorrhagic
You're not happy with the tenor, so you click on the stop
Be helped by another Bythos feet top top

Burn in black and Burn in a white,
I paint using two colors here
The boundaries of losses erased, I am able to pogibybshego-dead
And immersed in the cooled water to the brain does not seem torn

We need not just words
We need not just words
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