Ananda Giri – Chakra AJNA (Six)

Author: Ananda Giri
Name: Chakra AJNA (Six)

Song Lyrics

6 - Chakra Ajna (forehead chakra)
Ajneya Chakra is located between the eyebrows. Say "Om Ajneya". Visualize the color indigo. Repeat "AUM" (counting 1-2-3) Repeat "A-A-A-O-O-M" a few minutes, then visualize how chakra turns into liquid gold at the time, how do you pronounce "Kundalini, arohanum" several times.
Situation: between the eyebrows
Element: the sun and the moon
Importance: the center, where it joins the solar and lunar energy; it is important for the development of attention and concentration. It promotes the development of memory.
Mantra: Aum
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