anatoliy korj – About happiness

Author: anatoliy korj
Name: About happiness

Song Lyrics

About happiness

Someone is waiting for all his life,
Someone is waiting for just a moment,
And who does not remember anything,
He goes after him on the edge of the earth.

And looking at the cold and the heat,
Falling down sometimes,
And back home
Charter so much from the road.

Where the circle train speeding
And where a person does not pass,
People are once again looking for happiness
And can not find any way.

They fly days, the years pass,
And somewhere out there, on the path of life,
Someone still finds
And someone and can not find.
Someone stopped believing,
Someone was exhausted,
And who found and lost,
And the white light is not nice to him.

And again in the cold and the heat,
Again, almost ends of the earth,
Roads confusing at times,
Under the snow, rain and dust.


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