andrey gubin – My dear far (minus)

Author: andrey gubin
Name: My dear far (minus)

Song Lyrics

My dear, dear.
Midnight outside impenetrable,
Where are you my darling?
Heart expensive and strange,
Not with me, you're not with me.
The distance calling foggy road,
Where are you my long-awaited?
For you shall go, for you will go,
Behind you.
My dear, dear.
Through the anxiety and expectations,
Through the years and distance
For you will go for you.

My dear far
Heart without love is not easy,
For him calling me
My dear, welcome.
Yasnoyu star at dawn,
Songs in the spring rain
For a calling my favorite.

Meetings will wait constantly I
Strange my fate, strange -
Where were you for the welcome of the heart?
Not with me, you're not with me.
Gentle thine eyes I will not forget,
Stupid my destiny, silly,
For you will go for you.

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