andrey gubin – One good winter day

Author: andrey gubin
Name: One good winter day

Song Lyrics

How loud at full gallop,
Bells are ringing.
In fresh snowball
In the distance a white lure.
I like to ring in the cycle,
Reins twist
How great this:
In light sled to roll!

Chorus: Sleigh Bells! Sleigh Bells!
              Glad Goldie!
              Ping comes to the ends,
              Flying sleigh. Eh!
              In the New Year, New Year,
              The guests come to us.
              Have fun together we
              Celebrate the New Year!

Kata one day I,
Girlfriend on a sled,
And there fell out of the sleigh
The snow fell with it.
Fallen down, how to swing,
In my arms,
She's in the snow with hot
Declaration of love to me.

Chorus: ...

Listen to me,
While lying in snow,
For girls horse,
Vpryagsya in his sleigh
And with it at all gallop
Arrange a light crash
While she was screaming in the snow,
Fate is in your hands!

Chorus: ... (2 times)
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