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Song Lyrics

Flowers filled up Angela, take away the soul of the so
Tidied bradak, Miyagi weak, and boozy, young, and for you to the bottom of the glass as well, or in a salad
You wait not only Noah
I'll be lost time for you, but a proven
We are with you for ever be trusted each other
a bit greasy, broken down peacefully, my verse -firma
wave- lira, boils in the veins, much like
You are my heaven
       past the clouds float
You are my heaven
       This love for the ages
You wait not only Noah,
 rain on the visor
doused with cold city, and I'm in the yards
God, I pray you, to erase holes offense,
I will wind
I am a music lover, and cherished melody you-
We walk around the world, in the footsteps of the unknown
and we continue any trouble or sorrow or see

I love you the sky, splashed me with water
Illumine me, keep my love
Take me by the wind, tell me everything
Our song is not dopeta- Ad dition it together

Gave me the miracle of the stars, the hand hold me,
it was cool
Topalli up to the house, the rain drumming on the puddles
Sparkling wine dinner, cinema cola throughout the city
without reason, as well smile
Yesterday reread Flowers for Algernon
I'm in the mirror win back the absurd Kapone
Coffee eyes slightly open, and music night notes
The track love from me to you to Minnesota.
Scarlet sunsets, sunrises we indulged souls of
Songs that do not finish singing shades of scarlet
You -moe sky, the clouds, I hand to the sun
dolechu even if the world will turn to you
You are my heaven
       past the clouds float
You are my heaven
       This love for the ages
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