artur rudenko – Fell Snow White - (00.03.20) - 2013 - 320-mp3

Author: artur rudenko
Name: Fell Snow White - (00.03.20) - 2013 - 320-mp3

Song Lyrics

Walkway to your house
Studded snow cold sadness,
And do not pass me on it -
Your soul I will not let

Betrayed was one of you,
My man indispensable,
And only a sad longing
Osypetsya snow me lazy

White snow was falling!
Timidly fell, dizzy,
You are dearer to all! - I'm his favorite saying,
How could you,
Escape to my friend,
We see no luck
It was our true happiness

Snow sweep up my tracks,
And all I lost
In a strange space of emptiness,
I will not go back, you say good-bye!

He circled a bit,
In the evening without a trace melting ...
And with it will melt and love,
All flying away forever! ..
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