Bah tee -sami kleviy – Untitled

Author: Bah tee -sami kleviy
Name: Untitled

Song Lyrics

And there was no signs, nor any signs of it,
it only unusual in its dress
just someone, somewhere probably decided
connect the two hearts, two souls
it concealed at first, but in the view
to read it ... that will not hide
stroking his locks, hug, and do not let go
from day to day just to be near ...

and twirled their love of this marvelous dance
If this is a dream, do not let the morning comes
even if it was eternal, it was soundly
just to hug him every minute
he draws it on the pavement, "March 8th"
She used up his name notebook
before the end of a pair of half an hour, he starts
you need to have time for the flowers back in the tent
his feast tomorrow, sending study nafig
she knits on the last desk his scarf
he will be happy to receive this gift
albeit small, but made her hands
she waits, and his weary cork
time goes by, the repair of the road ahead
it ended in the spring evening
when hurrying to it, he flew into the oncoming lane

prayed, she sent to close the line
"So long ... you gave me enjoy
this happiness, Lord, do not take the mother
I ovtechu for his mistakes before thee ... "
tearing pictures, reaching the brink
then re-glued with trembling hands
all that says about him, wanted to burn down
but could not, could not, could not, could not ...

"And the sun shines as usual, for the sake of decency
to hide the hell - I hate you!
Heaven might weep for me - it would be easier,
while someone treats, and I only cripples "
and every evening she went for a walk vodinochku
to the places of their meetings with the favorite again
in the same café table ... in the movie the same number ...
in the same café table ... in the movie the same number ...

and the clouds of gray
I sat and watched for her ... he
for that ... for that was the wall
... Finding peace ...
invisible hand, when falling asleep
wiping tears her and froze
hands on the clock. if she knew
that she was not alone, that he did not leave

he was an angel of her, and she did not see
favorite, which has now become its custodian
where have you seen? love alive after the death
its carrier ... not to kill her ...

she was sad in the rain and was afraid of thunder
He drove away the clouds by the wind from her home
If the plant in the corner of the road of destiny
he opened for her new gate
if the ship got her life under the storm
He was a beacon for her salvation
He helped to rise when she fell
she did not know what it is, but guess
that not alone at all, that it is not thrown
and someone there, in heaven takes care of her
and every time sped by troubles
He is raising his eyes upwards, thanks to the sky
Everyone we have lost who did not
Steels and angels are watching us
for their families, relatives and friends
helping them in the difficult moments of life
it's just a fairy tale, the flight of my imagination
but I'm sure that miracles happen
but only those who believe in them sincerely
whose heart - flames, sparks, or at least it
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