baklushi-Beat – Not an island ...

Author: baklushi-Beat
Name: Not an island ...

Song Lyrics

And it is not an island, not the mainland
It's not a song, not the mother.
Not over and none at all;
Neither the "haute couture" no rags
And no rain there and no drops,
It looks like October in April,
And neither close nor far;
No cream, not milk ..

Bins neither empty nor full
And there is no peace and no war.
And does not sink or swim,
Leads by the nose ... and dance;
After the fight, hands Sucitu,
And whatever he says and not be silent.
Urine is not! And here is the glass!
Behind him the fog - Rastafarian ...


There whether at home, and whether a visit
They parted with all the joking ...
And something important there in a hurry ..
There's ... There's gardens grow on sand
There's dancing in the calf and anguish,
Something important there is a thread ..

They love to first blood
After the first poloumit any.
And no bitterness in the mouth and no pleasure
As plywood Lafayette swept!
Neither cold nor heat
Apples blossom! ..
Somewhere far, far away
Runs on the stove milk ...


And not an island continent
It's not a song, not the mother.
Not over and none at all
Neither the "haute couture" no rags ..
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