basta – We walk along the edge (feat. Guf) [in touch]

Author: basta
Name: We walk along the edge (feat. Guf) [in touch]

Song Lyrics

It seems to correct - supposedly live by the rules
Our faces on the screen, on the radio tracks
And you know me all so happy, though
The main thing to remember 'brother, we go over the edge

It would seem, just enough, taught language in China,
He lived there, getting education,
Garik sold in the dorm, and he was not to blame,
But I was sent to, well, goodbye.
Then, standing in the subway of Kolyan, grass vparivali,
Informal, drank Bavaria
Considered trams, and even have not read,
And wandered in the Forge in the evenings, it was normal.
Next, the bad influence of bad company,
I changed consciousness, but warned in advance,
It is sad. I know, but who does not happen,
And we continued to further the point.
Yard without the pale, without attracting attention,
Me and Vanya to Forge, from Paul,
Pouring rain, but already on the pocket,
And we ran like there was a struggle for medals at the competition.
Between floors, restoring breathing,
- On giving himself, but this time do it right,
Red Marlboro, Aqua Minerale,
The silence, the flame, like better.

Red Marlboro or Camel,
Sometimes Don tobacco smoke, our brand,
Anyone who knows that when you get better,
Spitting on the details, just - let's tobacco and flame,
In the span of dilapidated porch,
Or home from a friend, in a comfortable leather chair,
On the back seat in a bus from Novocheka,
The water glasses, and in cross-country snykano two checks,
When she wrenched my pockets,
I learned that I almost did not,
Seeing devices with plastic fooled steel
With horror, staring into his eyes, and did not recognize,
When I first grubanul Bata in the return line,
He realized that I do not care diaries and notebooks,
He would be brief, so he sent me to the mother,
Since every one of us in his program,
Seniors were treated to various fun,
Fun on the huts for weeks and of all of the series,
Many of them sat down, someone put in a damp,
I fortanulo and I still play my game,
Prefix RU, my nickname,
6 years ago, I stirred up money on this topic,
In Jora tried to record a demo on the 5th,
Having only faith in the stock, while it is interesting to someone,
Basta here Moscow in the second floor of Gaza,
We arrived with Ayzoy Guf, and the recording,
And there is not even important theme in fact,
I corrected it, and we just stele

It seems to correct - supposedly live by the rules,
Our faces on TV, on the radio tracks
And you know me all so happy, however,
The main thing to remember 'brother, we go over the edge
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