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Getting tan

Normal mogul Daniel, swinging a garden,
Who should be stabbed, when you have rolled forward,
If Daniel did not go bump in the rocking chair,
then you do not come to it, and then you peals.
He's a regular guy but not Ivan,
He is not weak, but not Schwarzenegger,
For him, great weight is the norm
heavy weights For you it's a fetish
For him, healthy lifestyle as the kidney for you
And for him in the kidney edge sharpening
He does not need anything, if there is no muscle
it is only meat, because there is a lot of muscle

I'm not talking about his big cock,
For a PR he did not pay,
I will only say that he is not less than 5,
He's not the hypotenuse he leg.
His biceps the size of your head off,
Better not mess with him, he does not swing the head off,
Brains him fuck do not need,
He has as many as three, well, you suck.
If the chair is closed, it will go to the site,
There's a lot of tribute for the swing,
Swing for bumps as breathing for you,
A breath of this methane to devour him.

4EU3 - Forgive Yourself
well, I apologize)
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