bg (ZOOM) – Athanasius Nikitin Boogie - 2

Author: bg (ZOOM)
Name: Athanasius Nikitin Boogie - 2

Song Lyrics

We pulled off MacDougal in the middle of winter
My friend from Tolyatti I am from Kostroma
We have lived up to the summer, and there Axe-chump
But cocaine was eight to three tooth powder
We had to move through a hatch
In the light of the jamb
She decided to go to Mecca. I said - While

I do not remember how it happened, whose wind was blowing in my mouth
I was walking on the trail of Castaneda - was in the merchant navy
Where are all the men wear skirts, a cabin boy at the knife in the mouth
And then we got up for loading at the port of Ulaanbaatar
I immediately rushed to the datsan - I want to go into retreat
And meet me Lagerfeld,
I look - and we are in Oxford Street

With me is our boatswain Pasha, then, who holds the style
He wore a jacket and trousers from Yamamoto Kom De Garzon
And then this woman runs with Monet
Screams - we have four third-fast ride all to me
They have no money for a taxi, I had to sell his coat
By such Kostroma I have not seen anyone

At first it was fun, then I went spleen,
When we licked the mucus these lizards with spin
The apartment was not the passage from the pagan shrines
I translated all Tsoi songs from Urdu into Latin
When I finished all that was in them between the window frames
I sat down on the first Subway in Thiruvananthapuram

And here we are rushing through the desert train bleats and squeaks,
And we are driven by a dim star-old bluesman tranvestit
Around that happening boundaries - then on, then close
Whether dancing steelworkers, whether women fighting in the mud
When there was a twenty-fifth Nairn stall with me
I threw a leg to Kathmandu through the Great Barrier Reef

And I had not shaved seven weeks, eight days eating mushrooms
I became like a man of heroic destiny
Shamans with the doctors argue, as I could to stay alive
But I learned Swahili and was replaced by cultural myth
When the village will include newcomers, I had them thrown into prison
We Russian foreigners abroad to anything.
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