biofak – Untitled

Author: biofak
Name: Untitled

Song Lyrics

In the hands of the flag,
 The light in the lens.
 It's biology department -
 Sings, not sad.

 It is five years
 The cells and the laboratory,
 This forest and field,
 And in holes bathrobe.

There's never a dull,

Ex .: It biology department -
 Life is in your hands!
 Wind in the sails -
 Do not be caught in any way.
 The flasks wonders
 The Grove voice,
 The green eyes -
 Biology Department!

 This is the first course:
 It will be difficult - let them!
 It's a long way,
 Dogel - heart.

 All this weird dream
 With the book already.
 For lunch, soup,
 And until the morning phoresis.

Lazy no good,
 We are proud:

 This entire Minsk
 Full of dreams and birds.
 Purse - clean,
 But we sing an encore.

 It all clones clone -
 The favorite dish lawn.
 It is he who in the biology of love,
 Wherever it was distributed.

Whenever you remembered
 Those days,
 Friends, dorm lights -
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