Bob Marley – Don't worry, be happy(russian version)

Author: Bob Marley
Name: Don't worry, be happy(russian version)

Song Lyrics

I was a child watching a movie about a girl Pippi
She said, Dont Worry, Bee Happy.
Do not worry be happy
And whatever happened to you
Let it be a smile at a crocodile
Do not worry be happy

In the metro someone pulled the main switch
Missing wallet, documents, mobile
And you do not worry and be happy
The sage wrote on a fence in the yard
"Do not worry for Rossiyu.Dont Worry."
Do not worry be happy.

Once you see this picture
Hometown favorite treads plate
Do not worry be happy
You yourself declare themselves authorized
Today, in bed with her, I was not very
Do not worry be happy

Someone put a speck of dust blew all
You as always somehow shod
Do not worry be happy
He threw himself a birthday in the bath
And you got very serious on mani
So do not worry and be happy

It was late home gave much on turnips
He remains alive and thank you, happy bi
And do not worry, be happy
You got off the road, drove into a dead end
Let the inner voice tells: "Old man, do not worry, ponimaesh.Bud schastliv.Prosto do not worry be happy, you know, starik.Eto very simple, you do not soared, and you're happy, you're happy, and not just soared did not for what reason, well, it simply does, I'm telling you ponimaesh.Eto - inside your voice.
I mean, do not worry, be happy, spit on everything, let everything go as it is, it is necessary to ponimaesh.Ne here it's not out there sweating nado.Vot this is now kogda.Etogo start there just is not necessary. "
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