╬ Borgore – Closed Thread about love

Author: ╬ Borgore
Name: Closed Thread about love

Song Lyrics

I love you.
I love the way you laugh I love your eyes
when you look at me they can not refuse them
shaggy love you, love you on marafet
and just I love your page on the Internet
I love you and love you naked in clothes
and I will marry you someday, but first
All the same, I would like to bring their spring you into Europe
Keys, let me in the ass!

I love your character, love your gait
like being with my friends from the throat vodka Buchau
I love your smell and your delicate skin color snow
after talking with you feel ignorant
between times, I love your big mouth
White nose poroshochek by the host club
and you do everything for me, but unfortunately not enough for me
baby, I want you to swallow
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