CheAnD – nation Issues

Author: CheAnD
Name: nation Issues

Song Lyrics

I'll tell you the truth, want to believe,
You will want not, but that's it really.
This is not a dream, it's your reality,
Smoking kills and a vein drug grass.

Sitting boy, 7-8 years,
In contrast Dad smokes, acrid smoke cigarettes.
He admits the lungs, exhaling it from cough.
he is already infected with tuberculosis.

Comes mother dastaёt of the bar stack
Takes the butilku, and turn off without stopping.
BTAP third and then, went disassembly,
Father mother, a knife went on the throat.

And he cried, and tears cut the soul,
And Dad began to understand who needs it,
What he is stupid, he went and took out his gun,
And a bullet in his head myself, let yet.

Last year, the boy podrostaet,
She lives in an orphanage, it becomes a bad example.
There is, he smokes recalls how his mother cried,
And he ponders how life has got it.

Tell me, what kind of example you file,
When you smoke, and drink, and the children are watching.
At what point say, well, do not be silent,
And your children, suffering is obvious.

And before going to school, they will go around the corner,
Smoking tobacco, snuff and glue them,
And they like efekt, tough guy,
And then you think that the world is normal?

And this student goes directly to the store,
He buys beer and tobachny smoke.
But the clerk, not a word, not to say,
And questions are answered, I also have to live.

And it's true, and you know it,
With the money right now decide everything on the planet.
And the state does not care for FLV woes
After all, they only care about prybyl, not children.

How many drug addicts, you tell me,
And all it is only because, please do not tell lies,
Planting only those small suit
Large aces, the roof of our power.

And how many tricks? how much is the chair,
What would you buy a mandate to this place.
And how much is the helicopter that took,
And how much of the budget, you will not be counted.

And how much the country has taken creedite,
On the social. packages, pension for vitiranov,
But the money has gone, it's not for them,
A home steep and 5 cars.

When the government is sitting on taxes,
Tax prybyl, to life, they are gods,
And you live on a salary, not to not take,
After all, they are so profitable, as it is easier to manage.

When we live Grash dreams killed
And they like to watch, as we are divided,
When ready for a penny, to give them soul,
And the more options there, because I want to eat.

And you tell me please, what is promised?
When the election of all of you we have chosen,
Salaries are higher and more reliable pensions
But it's all a lie, and you, too.

And only hear worse every year,
And small businesses are beginning, at the root of ruin,
Check the verification, and not enough money,
Yes, as you can also rob us, you zadolbali.

Porazrushali you plants kolgospy, farm,
What would in return to buy, a large wall.
Poprodavali all to hell and you do not stidno?
Let the people, not cattle.

And what I want you to say, lastly,
What can all the same to return, what would our children,
Proud even by our country and our faith,
Well give you a little bit our measures.

And I'm sure that nastupyat those days,
When the government to take care about you,
And this world, it's your country,
Your homeland is, it's your fate.
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