Contempo – 02356

Author: Contempo
Name: 02356

Song Lyrics

What they see colors? Perhaps what bird and
When the early morning dew on the petals falls.
What they see colors when they sleep, they dream about?
Where the birds fly?

What flowers can hear what they say about themselves
When they want to confess his love and give flowers?
That feeling when the birds fly?
Probably the same thing as the flowers.

What remember the flowers, which are jealous of the birds?
Coming off the ground, lie under the heavens ...
What remember flowers
Who has not forgotten how to look like a bird? -
Those who believe and waiting when someone will start
To create miracles.

Why be afraid of colors?
What makes their heart beat faster? .. Most ...
Where it hides the fear ...
Flowers give the birds their petals,
A bird colors its wings ...
And they believe that they will become so close to each other
At least for the sway.
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