Dark Wolf – Numb in Russian

Author: Dark Wolf
Name: Numb in Russian

Song Lyrics

clouds clouds, lightning hit over us
And each new day brings new challenges,
With the soul, but in despair, love and acceptance
how many people have left behind us.
God forbid wings, give me the strength to fight
Reaching the end, even if the sun is shining around
Around silence, but the pulse still beats
On the verge of depression, but it does not give up!
Each drop makes me stronger
During my growing storm and waiting time
Firmly I decided and went to his goal,
Forgive me, O God, forgive me and believe me
Though razdvinet sky, something happens
Back to return, we will not stop
Flapping my dream, fly to the sky bird
this is just the beginning, we will fight!

Chorus (Sergey Ashihmin)
I gained a dream, lost count of days,
But to stay here, I stayed with her.
This new world has changed me
But I'm going to live, to believe and to love

My dreams are simple, even I am surprised
How he managed to survive without them before.
There, he burned through the years,
Love, freedom - did not know what it is.
I gained a dream, and it all became clear,
Life is dangerous at the turns are not in vain,
Freedom, Love, How beautiful you are!
In the bank at zero pedal and red.
Web-called happiness
That victory is different, then again overcast.
And the week, catastrophe losses
Smiling sun, and in the dream I believe.
Quickly ticking the years, I spit on adversity
and in love with the goddess by the name of freedom,
I steal the love, do not hesitate to steal,
My dreams are simple - even wonder ...


I live as I can, I live choosing
between black and white, between heaven and hell
After Everything in my hands - confidence and fear,
victory of defeat, tears in his eyes
Today, hundreds of hearts waiting for me something
Tomorrow do not know what the weather will do
It can fall down, or what else, listen
Lord, forgive me, give me my soul
It's not like before, I'm living the dream
And the closer you get to it, the more worried
I pray - O God, give me strength to
I destroyed the world again and built a beautiful ...

Maybe you're tired of the dreams,
and want to return everything to start over
Maybe you were not ready to go,
But I know what you want, why it is necessary to
This white light as the film-plots,
The two of us and the rain pours over us
I can not understand, between yes and no
Will I force all tests?

Chorus (2x
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