dasha leonova – I will fight (v)

Author: dasha leonova
Name: I will fight (v)

Song Lyrics

I will fight to the end to go i
In the same breath with his brothers,
And we will keep Heavenly Hundred.
It is always with us, they are here with us.

We will not give together i will:
We take as a brother for his own.
Hundred Heaven we will never forget,
We will not forget anything.

They died for us and for the country,
For their mother our native Ukraine.
Its long I'll never leave,
I was born here, here and die.

They stayed at home children
His wife, brother, father and mother,
Now the heroes are lysh flowers
And tears do not know where to hide.

And the young guys, life is not seen,
Leave it for his country.
And all these people, it all looked,
More undertaken by Ukraine.

All these sacrifices will not be in vain,
Heroes in our hearts will not perish,
And people will never forget them,
Their souls will never leave us.
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