dava – education by

Author: dava
Name: education by

Song Lyrics

God enlighten the way, and my mother, clear of obstructions way the way home, so be with me, but sing with me, breathe with me, until his death beating heart, my singing is the soul, I, I do not not JAJAJA like on a winged boat I am, and where there is far, far above us, but you are my god high high, dushaaa sings and I with it, and have to write is not a moment, but it is necessary to fly back the ticket to where bylomu no return ever, and I know the only way to see so, and never I am a mother does not hurt, and harosh have to ruin yourself, because in front of life should be pure, and somewhere out there in the distance is not far away, flying is the happiness of a bird with large wings, and take me with him in heaven is my city in the clouds, and the pain in my heart, longing rattlesnake, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
And at the heart of the mother alone, therefore, does not want me to understand it, the father does not have a close while he was alive and well, to take to make it, but at least a couple of words, I am there in the distance from home, and somewhere out there beyond the seven locks, it happened to us so hard,
I was there in the distance from home I where feelings are unfamiliar, ill nerves fate of a bitch, I have the feeling as if the came out of the fog, I, and the pain in my heart, longing rattlesnake got already these friends prickly, but better to be alone on the lungs, and that's a burden ring on the ring finger
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