dava – Rep school

Author: dava
Name: Rep school

Song Lyrics

Math (Geometry):

I roll leg and hypotenuse does not roll
And why not the hypotenuse leg.
Catete - this is one of the two sides of the triangle,
The hypotenuse is the longest as a schoolboy language.
A right triangle is not a rectangle,
But there is one right angle, you realized it?
This lesson certainly remember,
Bitch, is a right triangle.

Napoleon thought that Moscow simply grab,
All because of a complex of small stature.
He wanted to be great and it became them,
Among all the generals he superstar.
He was a great dictator, he fought a lot,
He laid the foundations of the modern state.
It was in the nineteenth century, but now what?
His great name called cake ...

Russian language:
Children, too, I often sit on the Internet,
I am watching you in the social. network, if we are neighbors,
Daily I watch thousands of errors.
I bet you two for the year, so it was clear
What you need to follow the rules of the Russian language.
Writing errors - to take into account this fool.
Yes, you put a comma where needed,
Soft sign at the end of a sizzling set needed.
Hey, you, "-zhi, -shi" write a letter "I" and more
Write the letter as "-cha, -scha".
And I do not understand your stupid Slang,
What Sasai? It is necessary to say "suck dick!"
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