denchik – ambitions

Author: denchik
Name: ambitions

Song Lyrics


mne essential point supercar, Suck superstar,
Kores superman, Trapko superstajl.
in me so much ambition, so much ambition,
so much ambition, so much ambition.

[1 couplet]

Aniks-Junior, my home-Street,
record-studio, this TA UNION.
Publisher Kills ambition to be blunt it is my principle,
anything i want ot life-conditional units.
Ruble, dollar, euro, u.e., more, more, more lava,
to be at an altitude-Gucci, Dolce, lights, etc.
skiing, vonka here to bite, krosy Jordan newly feet,
polo Lorraine and on horseback, coca cola in my country Nozdre.
ambicioznyj fight in beet weighs a kilo,
þ mother here for best shit Rossii.
in me not verit nobody except me alone,
â no such faith strongly, multiplied þ faith on the table.


[2 couplet]

this is what we have, me a little, do not live like all hope,
Porsche steering wheel, or, Mother, bmw, ou, mama,
mersedes maklaren notions obâzan,
daily exam of respect okrain.
â Mon Amore fall and þ â vstanu, for justice can not read without vpadlu babok,
I gave a Dream to become a real promise, â þ all, á do son AVU,
û ü, i know, in life Bazar, deržisʹ, Bratis, î ü Start,
hey, vinegar, otʺebisʹ, moi disk ožidaût, Krūtis, Vertis, foreign exchange moej rooms.
ambcii cunt, Call me coming back,
å ò Self evaluation such AVYS.
what he thinks about himself? young male,
Remember My Name suka-young Aniks.

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