denchik – Russian rap about GTA

Author: denchik
Name: Russian rap about GTA

Song Lyrics

Few pofanatziruem reality ...

San Andreas is already passed, destroyed Dima Raskolov
Now in Moscow goes our hero, his name is Max.
In the capital of Smolensk by train Brest-Moscow
Life is not easy, you have to get lave
Max to the maximum to make love since childhood
The surname has decided to leave his unknown
On the Belorussian it meets the sidekick Army
It removes the hut he Domodedovo.
Now of course they will work together to turn around
Among these same dogs in the capital close
And there are vacancies, but - in a coherent and sushi
Or with gasterbayterami build a house.
At one end of the underground city
On the other in search of work - to while away the time
By hand or trough or protection ksivu,
It is only a wish and empty prospects
But on Saturday night after the last shot glasses
He was walking with a friend for vodka in the store near the alley
And I heard as the two shaved over and over again
Kiki applied Grinders with a native of the Caucasus
Just 8 minutes, Max - one more hook
Pala bottle from his hand, and also consulted a friend
What is the plot, the man is saved
Our guys from the heart to help offered
His brother Ashot have a good work
Good salary and demountable hut,
Plus Honda Accord for assignments
His position at the boss - a driver-bodyguard
Our hero long thought, he was not thinking for a long time
Cling is necessary for any work this wolf
This is the first mission - quite simply everything
Take my daughter to the chief factory of stars.
It meets Timothy, soliciting to daughter
Max left mouse beats him in the kidneys
And in the nose - for sure! Tim does not shine
Crying skies on Friday's concert
Then the routine days and the same type of mission
To carry his boss and others
Delivery of the cargo of watermelons, stuffed doses
For those in search of a frost, in exchange for the green.
At ENEA meeting with representatives of the STC
We must otkidat Lohamei and live in peace ...
Then we need to go to Chistye Prudy
And affect the cooperation with Lukoil
You then need to take some money to the factory
Let say goodbye to his daughter the chief producers are in no hurry
it will be easier to breathe, because Max is merciless
Do not leave any traces or stains, it is number one

DPSy on the Ring Road of Max not happy car
White Honda on top of the charts
On trestles Maxim as Pugacheva on stage
For the sake of speed everything will be in good standing
DPSy on the Ring Road of Max not happy car
White Honda on top of the charts
On trestles Maxim as Pugacheva on stage
GTA 77: Moscow mess!

Rises kid, there denzhischi
At night through Tver for slut and to his home
On Saturdays the other in clubs cling pussies
And Drut their afterparty after a bottle of whiskey
All zaebis like, but do not hurry soaring
You cool today, and tomorrow you will be under attack:
"Stop, end of the road, everything came hello
Throw the money to the representative of the authorities "
If a cop you will cover you remember
If he does not take a bribe, his pockets full
If a cop you will cover you remember
If he does not take a bribe, it is from Vologda ...
In the meantime, we go around the Volga
Breaking on the road, as if dissecting catwalk
Past the supermarket "Mega" in the mega-speed
There is a desire in the Max high rise.
At 15.30 Moscow time
Arrives at Domodedovo sickly white party,
In the case gone hero for packages
Turnstiles could not smell the smell of it
A week later, sales, and after a two -
Minus 20 youngsters addicts in Moscow
Meanwhile - Muz-TV, and the job
Kidnap invited by singer Rihanna ...
The press, the scandals, the headlines, the criminal case,
But there is no structure and no Mrs. Umbrella ...
No artist and there's organizers,
There is nothing that would prove that this is a conspiracy ...
No trace, no shadows of our hero,
Nope nothing but a trunk full of money ...
Here grandmother calculated in rubles rather than in USD
GTA 77, to be continued ...
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