detskaya muzikalnaya gimnastika. igra – Giraffe spots

Author: detskaya muzikalnaya gimnastika. igra
Name: Giraffe spots

Song Lyrics

Do giraffes.
Before the game, ask your child to tell you about how to look like a giraffe, elephant, zebra, cat. Show pictures of these animals, noting their distinctive external signs (the giraffe - spot the elephant - folds in a kitten - shёrstka, zebra - stripes). Match words with gestures that will be used in the game.
"The giraffes spots ..." - clap palms throughout the body
"The elephants have wrinkles ..." - "collect folds" - pinching myself.
"We kotyatok shёrstka ..." - stroking himself
"A zebra has stripes ..." - by swiping your finger or palm on the edge of the body
Chorus - show forefingers of both hands to the corresponding parts of the body.
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