Dima Scotch(ICQ) & Dzhava(ICQ) – A Clockwork Orange (BNV4 Round 3 vs. fucked)

Author: Dima Scotch(ICQ) & Dzhava(ICQ)
Name: A Clockwork Orange (BNV4 Round 3 vs. fucked)

Song Lyrics

Put in to lie in wait, but if I'm not in a coma.
I spit blood spit in your icons,
No I'm not crazy, and not a maniac,
Just kill rats and mice, as arsenic.
Do you think I am now sozheleyu,
When their bodies with houses burned and smoldering.
I'm insatiable, and the indifference of my apathy
And exactly a hundred dush would give the devil again I
But freedom is not given some gray tones
More abandoned by their parents, I as an orphan
I have left to rot in the entire background
I am glad only the sounds of the 9 symphonies.
If you're not with me, the six walls
You can accuse me of all the deadly sins
Now there's a fire in my soul Hope
Can be released by rinsing the head from ear to ear, it has inevitably
Where is my caste, I more of them podzovu
I do not remember the past and all the beauty
Throughout hate, but the border is not just erase
And on the ground have no longer rub
I was voted to kill the born,
But now I have this sickening
You fell from the vengeance of someone waiting for flattered
It is no longer I do not want to die from torture



where we're going forward ladies
I will give an injection, this track infection
in the heat of passion with you, I can handle effectively
let's chat with you my spice
I szhog bridges and there is no crossing.
Worse maniac than the dude from Rostala
out of you will dish on the table floor
Blood on the floor window, great photo poster
Here the master cons sperali
While you were circling in a spiral
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