Dimau Sevendee feat. SANCHEZ MC – During these years (demo)

Author: Dimau Sevendee feat. SANCHEZ MC
Name: During these years (demo)

Song Lyrics

And clearly painted on minutes time
As the wind diluting the saturation of the century
During these years, as we are children first,
And it is worth counting the seconds of my songs

Sometimes, without meaning, sometimes - capricious,
All thoughts lay out on a clean page
And the written word, that night I dream,
And it seems as though I've been a bird in the sky

I often write, do not make mistakes,
They sometimes like a needle in the center of the spokes
Insert so painful, there are many of them?
Dozens per minute, dozens per day

Inter prejudices, can not hear any jokes
And just a whisper behind her back for all offenses,
The shoulders are so fragile that he could not at times,
Help the poor in the life of a friend behind the wall

We have a brother with you not sing again
We do not just see the sky, sometimes inaccessible
We drank themselves lattice hear songs calls
And the walls so thin that even audible notes

Again, I argue, behind the wall of the vanity
Time flies, and I walk down the branch of the curve
Spreading its wings, the wind blows
Into the distance, which is a pity in the soul of the fire, I was stung

False alarms, memoirs, Life Epilogue
Wrong Turn, where would the gods
I make one more attempt, writing passages
To my left prayers memory

I beg of our eternal friendship
that was built over the years, so it was necessary to
I'm tired of thinking about the same
I take time out, I will continue later

When will come the long-awaited evening
When that meeting happens ???
Candles turn off - the smoke will fly out the window
It is a pity that we are far from each other
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