Dimau Sevendee fet. SANCHEZ MC – but

Author: Dimau Sevendee fet. SANCHEZ MC
Name: but

Song Lyrics

However, there is all some sort of gray
For faith is not sulfur to make a fire
But I believe that the scope of the door shall get dumped
Overcoming the problem of opening the lock
And the walls of the veins as a valuable genes
they did not find the prices, colored my dreams
As streams of crystal clear water
In a country with a sound full of guilt flowed

However, the benefit of the typical fate
For unlimited personal hypocritical traits
I dream to Church two lanes ink
In fact, blacker than you, do not scream
Tactically, you're right, but honestly speaking
Comical is all because the beginning of December
The snow turned black, is soiled,
The thought that the general Czeslaw someone meets
Nechayev it happiness, and sometimes do not appreciate
Mountain via the Black Sea but blue
Prettier, even blood, and the smell will inspire
On the new quarrel filled with love

However nechaenno casually over tea,
Noticing that I read already about an hour,
Tap dancing so clearly on the edge of giving
Zachetke dark strong tea pour

What is really there for his lyrical all personally
In public lighting, practical but not fast
For a quick second rhythmically completing
Partially, but not a part of ... I keep ...

Gray, but there are gaps sun
Is replaced by the clouds and everything is over
Scatter water droplets on the molecule
Splashes, the air is clean, and is therefore
I live, I breathe - I exist
In essence, this is my incentive often
But watery eyes, like dew, however,
Why heavens name, the soul in constant fear
On white paper poems, as the elements of the world
It gives me strength, it adds positive.
Author picture takes a sip, he drinks
Spring key hits, and continues ...
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