dj kosmonavt – If you really want to ... •••

Author: dj kosmonavt
Name: If you really want to ... •••

Song Lyrics

If you really want, you can fly in space. (4 times)

Anyone can become a pilot,
To control the aircraft.
I agree chat tomorrow
Become a cosmonaut.
You did not see life on Mars?
Quickly let's get dressed,
Score with a plenty of eatables,
Flew with me on a rocket.
The bright blue sky
We'll fly with you together.
Do not be afraid, do not be afraid -
We do not upadёm, we do not let us divide.
Little by little space on the ground,
Many among the stars and the moon -
That's why right tomorrow
I want to become an astronaut.


Early in the morning at dawn
I'll go to your rocket
With suitcase in hand
And with a helmet on his shoulders.
People will wave my arms,
Seeing me in the way of the future.
I fly like a bright ray
Among the bright white clouds.
Be ready always ready
As Gagarin and Titov
In the sky fly together with me,
Moving to the rhythm of our songs.
Try to understand,
How on earth to help me break away,
Because right tomorrow
I want to become an astronaut.
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