Dj>may stil: – Life As We Know It

Author: Dj>may stil:
Name: Life As We Know It

Song Lyrics

A new morning, a new day, and thought again about you
When you next feel like as if in a dream
Kissing on the mouth, lips, hands and eyelashes
When you and I, I want to fly like a blue bird

And dissolve in the ocean of feelings, like a fish in water
"I love you" to Church I have a finger in the sand
But I'm afraid not to have time to tell 3 main words
And all this ... With bonalno soul flew shackles.

And I found you, looking chaotically through the years
I swear, you are so I have one
And even if the Lord took away sight
I would have recognized you. In touch.

Feeling right now, your breath is uneven
Just know, ready to go to any of them away
And I do not believe that in this life, we just passers-by.
I love you too. And you me, probably, too.

Smile, laugh, sometimes silent
Obideshsya Then suddenly, something about me mumbled
And again silence, the silence that hurts the soul
You speak beautifully, and I am always ready to listen to you

Again, snot, bonalno a few phrases,
And here once again drowning in the depths of your eyes
Beloved, stop and listen quietly
We were attracted to each other because soul mates.

When you're not around, I was lonely strangling
As a python wrapped itself around her neck, biting the ears
All these sullen, arrogant, empty face
As soon as one of you I want to pray

It does not happen just, it's unbelievable!
When two people are silent and that's it goes without saying!
It is interesting, and it was he did not forget,
Your boyfriend is not a hero, he just loves you.
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