Double Shiza – Phase (Demo)

Author: Double Shiza
Name: Phase (Demo)

Song Lyrics

When spring comes I will not be here already.
At the head of the loop for tighter Naquin on your neck.
I lay your nose than the Pruszcz.
And white, and forget your ditsebely.
And memory will erase only divides.
We do not divide the kilometers-long mile.
Only a shroud, ash floors with cigarette smoke.
Dust blown off the palm, all the moments.
Clay did not glue the pieces Dotterel.
Feeling tired and decayed in a flat stupid.
I stalled, our day under the covers.
Remember, I zasoplivil our days of November he was tired of us.
Winter flew to time meets spring.
Time is not much, the wind will decide to mind.
You're persecuting without pain, I have all phases of punching.
His smoky voice, but your loved ones.
Going through the phrase, write raskazy except you no one slept truth in these phrases.

The masks have fallen, on the imaginary carnival.
Past the lights, and buildings, we're wearing masks.
Clean sincerely looking for the truth somewhere in the dead dushax, choking us not argue.
Past the areas of buildings, inside a black left.
Do you remember in the shower, or in a rented hut, you smiled in pastels.
Interchangeable picture in Pin, I do not mind.
Vnedoumenii not shaved drunk.
And you then bitching dress in a fit of passion to fly with you.
And we took off into infinity ,, the end of the final glass
We are finishing their playing on the nerves of each other.
Now here poles apart and vyuga.
And we are so far away from you, with you posuti
We do not wake up together in pastels and did not divide.
Not touching your hands to fuck mode.
Each has its own road. huh)
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