eduard safin – I believe in miracles !!!

Author: eduard safin
Name: I believe in miracles !!!

Song Lyrics

It was one of those nights when you come back home, and even call nobody, vodka and no drops, and absolutely nothing on TV except for that stupid advertising. And you're the one with himself. And then you know the meaning of fear. Because it would be desirable to anyone gripped you in the arms, and I do not care who. Just a passerby. I can not, should not be one. When I'm alone, I look in the mirror and say to myself:

- I believe in pink.
- I believe that the joy will save you from the problems.
- I believe in kissing. Kiss more !!!
- I believe that we must be strong, even if absolutely everything goes awry.
- I believe that the happiest people, the most beautiful.
- I believe in miracles!!!

And it always helps me !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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