Emine Yusif qizi – Dost kimi

Author: Emine Yusif qizi
Name: Dost kimi

Song Lyrics

If true, it will meet with you for the last time, just like that, in a friendly, shake your hand, in a friendly way, I did not remind you of anything, I will not talk about the past, about what you told me about the wounds and bumps that you struck my life, I did not remind you about them, find out about your life, about work, strange and unusual, what can they say? enemies many years, home of many years, many years strangers, shared love and shared hatred, no more anything !, this is the last meeting, the silence, the cold, hopeless, we have already got used to you without love, I am without you, we used to have, my heart freezes on cold your words you will be hopelessly look around anxiously, in my eyes the remains of love, everything is in the past !, I wiped you out of love and notebook hardly'll aim to get you, let the earth compared with the sky! you became forgive me, you were not so then, I saw you voblakah !, you become easy for me, you have been dust, but I saw you the mountain, being a great mountain, you've seen me with dust, nothing you back what you ishesh returning to yesterday !, your gray hair braided, and I'm not the one that was before! you killed me !, I fell, but I picked up the Most High, I am a daughter of the Most High !, nothing you back, in vain, I still not satisfied with the end, hmm, Are you sorry, your actions if your heart of stone pressed ?, I do not know this, I know what is in the memories, I hardly hold on to the memories that you have, I have, you raised her, I love you and humiliated! (reduced)
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