Emmy Rossum – Think of me (OST Phantom of the opera)

Author: Emmy Rossum
Name: Think of me (OST Phantom of the opera)

Song Lyrics

Without me, without me, dear,
Think about me.
Promise that you will not forget
On my spring.
You will understand,
One day you'll understand,
What is at the heart of the passion is gone
But I beg you, sometimes
Think about me.

We do not swear that we will be with you
Forever together, keeping the love
But at least, if you can,
Remember me.

As everything was in bloom,
But not about
What could be.

I know that I will be at night
About you sad.
Do not forget
About those wonderful days,
What passed like a dream
I shall not forget you
Until the end of time.
I do not will forget.

Oh my God!
This is Christina!

Many years,
So many years ago,
I loved this girl.
You could forget me,
But I have not forgotten.

The term comes,
Everything comes srok-
Love, and summer and spring.
But I beg you, sometimes
Think ...
Think about me!
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