End or Fin – Pup, this is for you) The best girl in the world !!!

Author: End or Fin
Name: Pup, this is for you) The best girl in the world !!!

Song Lyrics

"The best girl in the world"

There is love and there is no happiness,
There is only rain and bad weather,
They will say to me, and I will answer:

Until the end, go boldly,
His life push the body,
And you can not - suck dryer!

This is a song I play you,
This song dedicate to you,
That you chose him, not me ...

For you, I do not need,
For thee I have long been a cold,
It's like you are looking for Prince without a horse ...

The best girl in the world,
What awaits happiness in pink toilet
I'm trying to bring these lines ...

The best girl in the world,
If they say: "Fool" - do not believe it,
I know something about whom poems weave ...


We are confused with each other,
I am your friend, you're my friend,
Only this time, let's not language !!!

Do you want all at once, and I, too? ..
But I moymu, not a passer,
Rhyme your eyes so hard ...


The best girl in the world,
Whose children will be sure,
I only know that, alas, not up to me ...

The best girl in the world,
For all those who created
Songs that sound from a felled tree stump ...


We can also, when we want simpler,
We can after all stand in front of the grove
And consider how much we have on the palate stars! ..

I can no cats - you can not,
Without cats can - and then you do not help,
Their I myself have long suffered all !!!


Look, girl in the world,
Who will have children,
It does not matter from whom, is not the point ...

We are confused already halfway around the world
Help us, Holy Lira
We are with you in this way to a sober return ...


Two days I watch you go,
I see that you do not want, I know you do not want,
Music pours from a felled tree stump ...

Only one correct decision
Forever and will be a continuation
Remember only one thing:

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