Ennio Morricone – The theme of love

Author: Ennio Morricone
Name: The theme of love

Song Lyrics

Being today I want you around,
Without taking his eyes of his devotees.
I want to hold you look,
Unceasingly think of us.

Allowed to stay a little closer,
Yielding to impulse dreams.
Today you will see for the first time:
As well, there you are in the world!

You're afraid of something furtive.
You play casually with me.
And you look like a terrible mystery.
I'm with you well - and know.

Life is never easy given to me,
All captive undisclosed ideas.
And to envy in her left,
I studied people's mistakes.

I was able to control the thoughts.
I could pretend and lie.
And he could smile insincerely.
And then I learned to suffer.

But today, you captured me.
I do not remember, that was then.
Everything that had seemed problem
Do not ever come back is now.

One person I believe,
From this time, not in a dream.
If the life of me preparing loss
So I know what I believe myself.

I hold your hand firmly.
You are my companion, my compass in the dark.
You dream that comes true is rare,
Only left to believe the dream.

Show me how you trust me,
Surround me with happiness wave.
And then, you already know,
A major step is for me.

All of it is done as you wish.
I live and breathe only you.
Everything in the world will give, you know:
I always, I am your infinite.
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