g pischaev – Smith's aria from Bizet's opera

Author: g pischaev
Name: Smith's aria from Bizet's opera

Song Lyrics

On call my secret and passionate,
Oh, my beautiful one,
Come out to the balcony.

How beautiful the sky platoon satin
And ringing and clear
Strings sad ringing.

I illumine the darkness of the night smile
And I will become your flexible
Hug love.

Before dawn, until the morning coolness
I sing serenades
I will be for you.

The night was silent, only the shadows thicken.
But, you see, pales
Before dawn the east.

Peacefully asleep behind strong walls
embraces of silence
Our whole town.

We are alone, no one would know,
Until dawn,
Come out to the balcony.

Stars twinkle lights are lit and,
And send up
Strings moan.
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