++++GABY++++ – TOLKO MOY ***

Author: ++++GABY++++
Name: TOLKO MOY ***

Song Lyrics

On the night of the city lies
and so cool
and easily kiss the wind.
And the clouds dropping rain
and again the stars are not visible until the dawn.
In the depths of your eyes just lose yourself,
close my eyes, feel you again

I shall not give ANYONE EVER

Night roads clear light on the mirror caught the last warm evening.
At a red light
I am flying to you,
and if it is not directly possible in the opposite direction.
Take my heart,
and do not let go, take care of it,
and do not accidentally break it.

I shall not give ANYONE EVER
I shall not give ANYONE EVER

In your eyes I want to burn,
and scatter the ashes again.
In your hands
I want to sink gently as my love.
From flaming lips again, I'm going crazy,
and that love does not come up with the words.

I shall not give ANYONE EVER

My only dream about you
and only one of you.
With me to fly
which will only be the two of us
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