gakhan – A visit to the old magician

Author: gakhan
Name: A visit to the old magician

Song Lyrics

Here's a chair and tea, come here.
From the table, I'll take the paper.
Do not be shy, my dear, remove his cloak
And give the gargoyle takes.

We hopefully will understand each other easily,
Because I was just like you Archmage.
But what has passed in the last Sabbath -
Oh my God! - Two hundred and seventy years.

So as not to be cold, I podpuschu spirit of fire,
He put on a century to serve me.
And besides natural creatures are wise,
Can provide very valuable advice.

Indeed, in his old tower looking hard
I have a secret philosopher's stone,
Otodya from metropolitan intrizhnoy game
For two hundred and seventy years.

What was heard in the capital? Who now the war?
Who today approached the throne?
Is Dynasty broke?
A predicted golden age.

Ancestor your princes I was in my day
Unbridled barbarian-king,
Drain into a single fist Northmen tribes
I am going to Blow the war.

You know what happened to the High Priest,
With the fact that mages threatened excommunication?
To be honest, it was, it seems to me,
Narrow-minded fanatic and crazy.

He was burned for heresy? Well, then there
Impartial fate decisions.
He died in the same sacred fire,
On which burned many others.

Well, what with the Academy of Sciences of the secret?
I often she remembers?
Do all remember the curse of death among
Initiates and whether the portal intact?

During nice lead thanks, my friend.
Academy - that's my weakness.
I probably can rightly be proud of,
What once started it.

You must go. Morning hour is nigh,
Steel candles twice shorter.
Be careful in the doorway at the entrance there is
Rusted from the blood of the stylet.

But talk about it, I have not yet.
Come even better at night.
And do not be afraid to wake up with me.
I'm dead, two hundred and seventy years.
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